How To: Install Our Lightroom Mobile Presets

Presets are the way to go if you want to make sure your pictures look coherent. You probably just purchased one of our presets and are wondering how to install it. In this post we'll explain how to easily install the presets in four simple steps.


After you have purchased our presets you will receive a download link via email. This download contains a DNG-file (a picture on which the preset is used). Download this file on your smartphone or a computer. You will first have to unzip the file after the download. If you downloaded the file on a computer, you will have to airdrop (or email) the DNG to your smartphone.


Open de DNG-file from your photos in the Adobe Lightroom Mobile app. Once you open the DNG-file in Lightroom, you will see the photo on which the preset is used.


Create the preset. To make it easier for you to use in the future, create a preset from the DNG-file. Click the three little dots on the right corner and click on 'Create Preset'. Give the preset a name and add it into a group (optional). Click on the little icon in the right corner again and the preset is made.


Last step is to actually use the preset on your photos. Open a photo you would like to edit in the Lightroom app. Click on 'Preset' and select the preset you would like to use. You may need to make a few simple adjustments, but that's it!