Blaise Baby

House Of Products Baby Book Linen Ivory

An English baby book with 86 pages! A beautifully designed book with sticker sheet and enough space to record all baby stories you want, from pregnancy until his or her first birthday. We start with a family tree and the three trimesters of pregnancy. Data on length, weight and the milestones can be recorded monthly. There is space for the news headlines on the day of birth and all your visitors can leave a wish or message for your new-born! This baby book includes the following pages: - Family tree - 3 trimesters - Guest book - My first holiday

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) FSC is an international quality mark for paper, supported by governments, companies and environmental organizations. It sets strict requirements for sustainable and social forest management. Every tree that is cut to use for production is put back in a new tree. This article is a FSC certificated product.

Brand: House Of Products


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