Blaise Bijoux

Citrine Bracelet

  • Handmade of Citrine, premium quality 18K gold plating over brass, silk
  • Adjustable
  • The perfect gift
  • Each gemstone has a unique meaning 
  • Collect your dearest gemstones
  • CITRINE - Positivity, optimism, balance and happiness.
  • The energy of the Citrine gemstone will give you inspiration and increase your energy and drive. It will help you become more radiant and have a more optimistic attitude. Citrine offers balance and a broader perspective. It also acts as a powerful attractor of harmony and happiness.
  • *Gemstones are a product of nature and therefore unique, so the colour and size of the stones can differ a little from the pictures. 
  • Care: we advise to let our jewellery not come into contact with water and preferably not to keep it in a damp place or in the sun. Also avoid perfume, lotions and oils in the vicinity of jewellery.

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