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Cîme Skincare Box For Combination or Oily Skin (Save €7)


Do you have mixed or oily skin? Then this is the perfect skincare box for you!

This box contains:

  • 1 x Recette de Pureté - Oil cleanser & makeup remover 100ml
  • 1 x Rosée de Roses - Cleansing & tonifying lotion 150ml
  • 1 x Daisy Delight - Brightening day & night cream 50ml

Our oil cleanser Recette de Pureté and cleansing & tonifying lotion Rosée de Roses provide a deep and gentle double cleansing of your skin.

Brightening day & night cream Daisy Delight, is the perfect day and night cream for mixed or oily skin. This light and non-greasy cream moisturizes and protects the skin. The active ingredients contained in this cream attenuate skin imperfections and dark spots and render the skin both radiant and bright.

Not sure yet what skin type you have? Then take our skincare test here. It will also tell you which of our skincare boxes best suits your skin type!

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