Blaise Boutique

Monday Bloom Book - Dutch

We live in a world that goes on and on. Where you feel like you have to be there 24/7. A rat race where you 'must' be successful, but in a way that meets the expectations of your environment. It's tempting to look for more. Better. Faster. That can be tiring, challenging and exhausting. But it can be different: live authentically according to your natural flow. So you can create your life from your own values, wishes and dreams. From a natural flow of growth, flowering and letting go. From always adapting to your to-do list, environment and agenda to effortlessly being yourself. In this book, you will learn how to apply this natural flow in your daily life in nine steps. Honest stories, inspiring assignments, and practical tools help you be who you are so you can thrive in a way that suits you.

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