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Monday Slow Down Journal - Dutch

With this MONDAY Slow Down journal, you focus on what matters to you and take back control of your own life. By using the Slow Down Journal 52 weeks a year, you create a valuable slow down moment for yourself every week. With just 20 minutes of journals a week, you'll experience more peace and focus for the rest of the week. What does the Slow Down Journal get you? • You bring more focus to your life • You will experience your days much more consciously • You apply self-care in a practical way • You create more time for what matters to you • You let go of things that are guzzling energy more easily There are many nice extras in it. For example, you learn about living according to the moon phases, you can add a vision board and there is room for reflection on all parts of your life every quarter. The Slow Down journal is written in Dutch.

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